Marketing Events Journey

Put Your Marketing Events at the Center of Your Execution

Visualize your Marketing Events across their Journey in one place, and empower all teammates to understand their execution priorities for
each Event.

How Uniply helps your team run successful, high-ROI marketing events consistently and with confidence

One place for the execution of all types marketing events.

View all marketing events along their journey, ensuring exceptional event execution every step of the way, from ideation to day of event to post-event reporting. Whether it’s a big tradeshow or a small virtual customer event, always know what needs to get done and who owns it.

Unify information for your events into one system of record.

Siloed information, scattered across the team, your marketing stack, and various files, makes executing great events hard. Remove the siloes by unifying all your information and assets, from attendee lists to registration landing pages, in one place.

Share accountability with your 3rd party event partners.

In many cases, marketing events are a joint effort with 3rd party partners. Invite your event partners to Uniply, and empower them to take ownership of their share of the execution. Accountability is now solved at every stage of your event journeys.

Companies all over the world trust Uniply with their customer journeys.