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Build Your Playbook

It's very important to build a solid Playbook that represents your business practices. It involves a few Steps:
  • Think about the major goal you want to accomplish.
  • Decide the different Stages your team needs to go through to reach that goal.
  • Contemplate your team's best practices and strategies and understand what Stage they fall into. (These are your Plays)
  • For each of these Plays, decide if can they be broken down into smaller steps. (These are the Actions)

Apply Your Segments

The Segments are the groups on whom the Plays are run. Your Playbook is the engine and your Segments are what you push through it! For Example:
  • Customer Onboarding Playbook > Segments = Customers
  • Global Growth Playbook > Segments = Countries
  • Product Launch Playbook > Segments = Products
Decide what your Segments are and apply them to your Playbook!

Add Your Team

Once your have created a solid Playbook, you need to add your team so you can Execute together! Adding your teammates will drive your team's accountability and communication. You can assign Plays to a project owner, add collaborators who will help execute the Plays and work together to drive your company's success!

Execute Together

It's time to run your Plays! Now that your team has been added, you can all work together to Execute your strategy. Each of your teammates will be able to update the status of a Play for specific Segments. For each Play, you can state whether it is missed, at risk, on track, or done! Your Execution View organizes your Playbook's execution in an easy-to-follow fashion. This way everyone can see the team's progress!

Update and Repeat

Having a solid Playbook is a great start, but the real power comes in updating that Playbook to be the best it can be! Maybe you have found that new strategies work better. Maybe you realize that you utilize the same assets every time you run a Play. Updating your Playbook with your team's best practices is essential for future growth!