Why Playbooks?

Playbooks allow you to unify your teams and your company to grow and scale with confidence!


Writing out your Playbooks unifies your team on the direction on where you are heading.


Creating repeatable Plays allows your business to continuously Execute with Confidence.


When your Teammates have clear ownership projects, they are accountable for their progress.


Your team is confident when everyone is on the same page knows how their work corresponds to the Team success.


All Teammates can see exactly what they need to do. No more wondering what your tasks are for the day!


When you put it all together, your team will be running fast and without micro-tasking to accomplish you goals!

Who Uses Playbooks?

The best run teams in the world!

What is a Playbook?

A Playbook is a collection of a team's best practices and actions necessary for achieving their goals.

You can think of it like an engine that you build once and are able to run multiple times to achieve your desired result. All the best teams use a Playbook to direct their actions!

What does a Playbook look like?

A good Playbook contains a collection of Plays that are organized to show your company's journey. The Uniply Playbook Platform has three different views.

The first shows the Plays in terms of the overall plan. The second allows you to see how different Segments are moving through the Playbook. And the third shows how well your team is running the Plays.

How to Build Your Playbook?

You begin by deciding how you want to organize the path to your goal. Once this framework is built, the obvious best practices will be added as Plays.

Then you need to continually reflect and capture the Plays your team runs or wish they would have run in order to make your Playbook as robust and useful as possible.