Understand Your Teams Execution Capacity

How do I use Operations?

The problem is that your playbook, one of your biggest key elements to winning, is on your head and/or all over the place in the mind of your team members! And now even worse, remotely. How can we operate at a high level being completely distributed across states/countries? You have a massive spaghetti and we are ALL about lateral alignment --- we need to make a massive effort to see our work create results. Utilizing Operations let you identify those lateral cross-functional teams that bring the results!

Who is the main user of Operations?

Middle Management and Field Teams love to use operations to understand what Plays are being executed in each Function & Segment and what is the capacity of the team to be able to deliver. Once you start digging into the outcomes and results of the execution you will start finding where you need to improve or support your team better and where you have over capacity that can be used somewhere else.

Can I utilize my current Project Management software? (Asana, Monday, JIRA, Notion)

Yes, at COMPAS we are not in the business of replacing or competing with your project management software. We love all apps! If you already have a solution in place that is even better! We can start by helping you capture Plays from it and understand what needs to be kept in the PM software (day to day tasks, adhoc, non-important things, personal) and what should go into your Playbook. We integrate will almost all PMs software, and if we don't yet, then we will love to set it up for you :)

When will a COMPAS customer decide to use Operations as their Project Management software?

We have been helping our customers, B2B SaaS startups, capture and execute their Playbooks in order to win. When a customer comes and doesn't have any PMs in place and doesn't want to implement a heavy solution and prefers to have everything in one place, then we provide them with the possibility to use Operations. Just heads up, it will never match up to the Asana, Monday, etc out there. It is not our core and we provide only as a solution in case of need.

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