Learn how the Uniply Layout leads to
more efficient Execution!

Playboard View
Portfolio View
Execution View

The Playboard View

The Playboard View organizes your Playbook in a way that is easy for your team to follow. The full board shows the overall journey your team needs to take to achieve your goal. You can see the Playboard is organized as follows: 
  • Stages: The levels you need to tackle while trying to reach your goal. For example, when expanding globally, you need to take a country from a discovery market to a scale market (As You can see Above)
  • Functions: The different areas / sectors of your business. Examples could be Finance, Sales, or Marketing
  • Areas of Execution: How your further categorize within the sectors of your business. For example, within the marketing team, someone could be focusing solely on growth. Areas of Execution are really what you define them to be!
You can then choose a specific Play to see exactly what needs to get done within the bigger picture! Plays are organized as follows: 
  • Title: A short title about what the Play is
  • Purpose:  The reason for running the Play
  • Collaborators: The Teammates who will help run the Play
  • Impact: The level of importance of the Play
  • Adding Actions: The place to add more steps necessary for running the Play
  • Actions: The Steps within the Play that need to be completed
  • Owner(s): The people responsible for the Play's execution
  • Applying Segments / Updating Status: The Area where you can add new Segments that the Play needs to be run on and where you can update the Status of that play for existing Segments
Lastly, you can use the Filter Bar on the Left to see only the Plays that apply to a specific Teammate, Function, Segment, Status, or Stage!

The Portfolio View

The Portfolio View shows your company's overall progress. In particular it shows how your Segments are moving through your Stages. When a Segment is listed below a Stage, that means it is classified as Executing within that Stage.
  • You can see here that Cameroon, Brazil, and Madagascar are all part of the "Discovery Markets" Stage
When you choose a specific Segment, it will show you the Plays being run on that Segment and the Segment's Stage KPIs. Stage KPIs are goals that Segment should hit before moving on to the next Stage.
  • You can see here that the KPI for this "Discovery Market" Stage is based on the percentage of Plays completed. The Target for the Stage and for Cameroon is to complete 80% of the Plays. Currently only 50% of the Plays have been executed for Cameroon
  • It is important to note that the Segments will not move to the next Stage automatically. Therefore, if you believe Cameroon is already ready for the next Stage, you could just move it over!
As always, you can use the Filter Bar on the Left to see only the Plays that apply to a specific Teammate, Function, Segment, Status, or Stage!

The Execution View

The Execution View shows exactly how your team is Executing your Plays! It is organized into Segments, Functions, Teammates and Stages.
  • You can customize the layout of this page by choosing the "Customize Your View" option (Highlighted Above) and dragging the sections to the desired locations
In addition, you can see the Precision of Execution Tab at the top of the page which shows a breakdown of the Execution Status's for all of the Plays.
As always, you can use the Filter Bar on the Left to further filter the Plays you want to view!