Uniply's Integrated features save time
for teams around the world!

Connect to Slack

Does your team use Slack? The Uniply Playbook is fully integrated with Slack allowing for efficient internal communication! You can:
  • Share Plays with your team in Slack
  • Capture Plays directly from Slack messages
  • Send reminders for scheduled Plays
  • Update the Status of your Plays directly from Slack
    Learn more about Slack integration

Add an Asset or Tool

Do you have presentations, spreadsheets, or documents that you use in your business? Would you like a better way to organize them? With Uniply, you can attach the assets you need to a specific Play. Let's say you need to sign an NDA with every new customer, you can attach that NDA to the Play so everyone has access to it!

Use the Search Bar

Do you every wonder how much of your business operations has to do with negotiating? You can now find any Play  just by typing keyboards into the search bar! All you would do is type "negotiate" in the search bar and you would see all the associated Plays!

Set a Cadence

Do you set a repeating schedule for your work? Maybe you need to have a meeting every two weeks? Or need to update the books every quarter?

With Uniply, you can set a cadence so that your Plays will executed on a schedule. If you set a quarterly Cadence on your "Update the Books" Play, you would need to execute that Play every quarter!

Create Stage KPIs

What are the goals that measure your successful execution? You can define your goals in Uniply! Track how well your Segments are progressing through you Playbook and help decide when it is time for them to move to the next Stage. Your Stage KPIs are a great way to see how well your company is Executing!

Find Your Plays

Want to find out exactly what YOU need to get done? Uniply makes it very easy to see the Plays you are responsible for. All you have to do is choose the "Teammates" portion of the filter bar and select "See My Plays." Now your view is filtered to only show the Plays you need to Execute!

Post a Comment

Sometimes a Play could use some extra direction. Maybe there was a complication you wanted to record. In the Uniply Platform, you can leave comments on specific Plays to help your team better Execute. Leaving Comments on Plays allows for easy communication and efficiency amongst teams!